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Brighter Future Workshop

Brighter Future Workshop has a clear vision for change in two critical areas, firstly to provide supported training places to young disabled people (otherwise thrown on life’s scrapheap) to enable them to have far better chances in life, and to make their own informed choices.  Secondly, to reduce or prevent thousands of pieces of reusable mobility equipment from ending up in landfill sites.



Brighter Future Workshop (BFW) is more than just a name; it is a culture. It is more than just a business; it is a lifeline. A ‘lifeline’ for countless young people (and their families and carers) growing up within the socially and economically-deprived communities and neighbourhoods of the North West, and struggling to cope every-day with additional personal challenges.


Their daily lives are characterized by little or no opportunity for personal and social development. Consequently they are prevented from gaining the basic skills, qualifications and lasting self-esteem to equip them to play their rightful part in society.


For many young people affected by severe learning and physical disabilities, the barriers they face in accessing good-quality, fully-supportive and personally-rewarding local training and learning opportunities are insurmountable, and they are inevitably condemned to increased social isolation, un-stimulating day-care (where suitable provision exists), poor health and low self-confidence.




Brighter Future Workshop
20 Greenhey Place
East Gillibrands

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