Here at Brighter Future we have a training centre which offers hands on training in basic mechanical and electronic skills, with AQA accreditation in a live workshop. We have mentors and qualified technicians assisting the trainees. They will work alongside one another doing many tasks such as; servicing and sanitizing equipment, whether it be donated or owned by a customer.

Brighter Future supports disabled and disadvantaged young people with physical or learning disabilities. We promote social inclusion and seek to create a more cohesive society, where all individuals can participate and have an improved involvement in daily citizenship.  

The overall lessons learned within this group are to be more tolerant and understanding of others and their needs. They are then able to take their new found skills out in to the wider community promoting better health and the feel good factor.

Our trainees are monitored using a personal support plan which takes into account their; age, type and degree of disability. This will reflect in their individual capabilities by providing a personalized record sheet to record their training and achievements. The supervisor can regularly assess the trainee’s development.

After consultations with the student and their mentor, if he or she appears to not be making sufficient progress, they will be given extra help to overcome their difficulties.


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