How do I find the best suited equipment to meet my needs?

This can differ from various disabilities and needs. To be sure you are deciding on the right equipment either contact your Occupational Therapist or ask for advice when you visit us. We can help you to a certain extent, however we cannot assess you and choose the equipment for you.

How often do I need to service my scooter/power-chair?

Just like an MOT for a vehicle, we recommend you have your equipment serviced every 12 months. We see an annual service as a Comprehensive Safety Check for your equipment.

How much will a scooter/power-chair service cost?

A service on your scooter or power-chair is only £60 - £80 depending on the size of the scooter. This will cover the following:

  • Battery Test (making sure your batteries are operating as they should)
  • Motor Test (detailed inspection of the motor brushes and connections)
  • Tyre Test (check for defects, tyre pressures and wear)
  • Chassis Check (weld inspection, lubrication of joints)
  • Brake Test


What is the difference between the scooters?

When deciding on your scooter, take into consideration what you will be using it for. Some scooters will be better designed for indoor purpose, as others may be designed for outdoor use. The best option would be to try before you buy and explain what the purpose of the scooter will be.


Where should I store my scooter?

We would personally advise you to store your equipment indoors. That could be your home, garage or shed. This is not only to prevent theft, but to also protect it from heat and condensation. If your scooter is exposed it cause damage to the electrics. If you cannot store indoors then ensure you are securely locking it down to prevent theft.

What happens if my scooter/power-chair breaks down?

If you were to unfortunately breakdown, contact us on 01695 724361 and we can assist you. Sometimes a diagnostic can be done over the telephone, however on some occasions we may need to come out to yourself and take a look.


When do I need to charge my batteries?

We recommend if you use your scooter on a daily basis, charge your batteries overnight for 12 hours. If you have your scooter stored away or not using it for days at a time, ensure you charge your batteries once a week.

With some scooters you are not meant to charge the batteries if they have more than 80% power left, or charge them for more than 12 hours at a time.

Depending on the scooter, information will be available in the manufacturer booklet or within a battery care booklet provided by us.

Failing charging your batteries, they will stop working.


Can I use my scooter in the rain?

Of course you can. Just consider braking and steering will be affected in the rain due to it being a wet and slippery surface. Use caution at all times. We do recommend using waterproof covers to ensure you prevent any water damage as the product is electrical. Do avoid heavy rain as it can put your scooter at a higher risk to water damage. On occasions that you may find yourself caught in a downpour, thoroughly dry your scooter when you arrive at home.

What is the quality of the recycled equipment you sell?

Every piece of equipment that comes through our door will be thoroughly inspected, firstly to examine whether or not it will be safe for re-use.

Once we have decided the equipment can be re-used, we will service and sanitize to ensure health and safety standards are met. Even if the equipment is donated in a new condition.

Our powered equipment we refurbish are all sold with brand new batteries.


Do you do part-exchange?

We don’t do part-exchange. This is because we are a non-profit charity and all the proceedings of sales go directly to our charity.

We accept donations only.


Do you sell spare parts?

Yes, we do sell spare parts, for a wide range of the equipment we sell. We either have them available or we can order new in if preferred.

Contact us to find out more information on 01695 724361