Service and Repair


Our highly skilled engineers maintain and carry out mobility equipment repairs including scooters, electric chairs, stair lifts, lifting equipment and wheelchairs.

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to offer you a value-for-money service to keep you mobile.

All of our work is guaranteed and is done in a timely and professional manner.

We cover The North West Region  We also offer a pickup and collection service for your mobility equipment.

Contact one of our friendly staff at Brighter Future Workshop on 01695 724361 or 01695 579971 who will assess your needs and offer the appropriate help.

Alternatively, send us a message via our Facebook page or email us to: with a contact number and we can call you.

Manufacturers recommend that you annually service your equipment to keep it at its optimum performance helping to give you peace of mind. 


We  provide a quality  service; which includes:

  1. Comprehensive Safety check to ensure your equipment is safe and fit for purpose,

  2. Test serviceability of Batteries.

  3. Motor Test (detailed inspection of the motor brushes and connections)

  4. Tyre Test (check for defects, tyre pressures and wear)

  5. Chassis Check (weld inspection, lubrication of joints)

  6. Brake Test


We also provide collection and return service, cost depending on the area you live.

It is important that you regularly have your equipment serviced this can help to prevent breakdowns and highlight any potential problems in the future saving you money in the long term.

 If you are interested or require more information regarding servicing, please call us on: 01695 724361 or email us at: